I was starving as I crossed from Koinange Street to Muindi Mbingu street into a restaurant. When I starve in town and I’m alone I normally eat one particular combo: pancake and tea. It’s delicious, huge and insanely cheap (Ksh 110) for tea and pancake. I could even eat two pancakes in one sitting. As I walked in, my eyes land two of the most amazing ladies in Nairobi.

Suddenly my boring afternoon is brighter than Westgate on Christmas. We talked and laughed like we owned the place. This restaurant is always crowded at any time of the day but we brought the place down with just three voices. There are old creepy men everywhere, they were even here and they kept staring. We didn’t care, you know when you are with your friends and you are having so much fun nothing matters? That was it for us, we were in our moment. My friends irrigated their throats with tea -don’t get into a tea drinking contest with these two they will embarrass you – so our tab was busy. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason we weren’t kicked out.

Then in the midst of our conversation one of my friends remembers there was a spoken word event at Goethe institute, it’s pronounced as Gu(r)tuh and I kept saying GOETHE. My kimeru accent will not let me say Gu(r)tuh. I googled it by the way, just like we google everything else. Then I’m like, yes it’s called I don’t know what and it’s by this cute slender guy called I don’t know who. Typical Kenyan, my friends laughed at me for a full 5 minutes. We finally found the event, calls were made, tickets purchased and bam we have a gig to go to. We get to the door confirm our tickets and next to us is a scrawny looking woman with brown teeth (bordering black) and she is just laughing. The buckets of confidence people possess is a dream I wish to have one day.

We make ourselves comfortable and then, a band hits the stage, I don’t know their name but my oh my they were so good. There was a lady and two guys, this lady’s voice was smooth aaahhh, she could sing and she sang. Then there was this guy who made tunes with his mouth, I can’t explain how but it’s exactly like what the group pentatonix (youtube) does. Then there was the guitarist .Man this guys’ voice was on a level I will never be able to explain, his vocal range is so wide he could carry any tune. Whenever he sang my jaw hit the floor and stayed put for as long as he sang. I could only pick it when his mouth was shut. My friends on the other hand behaved like they were getting orgasms every time a song began. Kenyans can sing and not the, nishike pole pole mimi bibi ya wenyewe type, no good earth shattering music.

Then Ngartia(the cute slender guy called I don’t know who) came on stage, walalala if you have never gone for spoken word, you are wasting yourself. Truly truly I say to you, you have not lived until you have seen Ngartia on stage. His name is a little weird I know I thought it’s supposed to be Ngatia but who cares, artists and their swag.He took me on a roller coaster of emotions. His words pinched the soul; he would get you high and leave you there. I don’t remember how many times he came on stage and I never seemed to care anyway, no one did. Every single time he outdid himself, I don’t know who is able to do that but Ngartia.My friend even cried at some point. Then the climax happened when the final act was done by Jasmin. Jasmin spoke through me, for me, at me, to me and with me.

Today was the beginning of an amazing thing, I don’t go to such events because I keep my own company a lot so in public I like being with people lest I’m confused for a loner. As at now I don’t care if I hang out with stools or the chairs next to me I will just go for spoken word. The event was dubbed Losing Grip and I’m pretty sure I’m never finding mine again. As I walked to the supermarket on my way home I met this guy who was selling those fake grass things, I walked away from him so fast thinking it’s a walking bush. Now that is more than losing grip, it’s leaving it at your door step as you star your day. It was only ksh 500, best 500 I’ve spent this year. All in a day.