Death, I need to have a heart to heart talk with you tonight. Sit down with me and answer my questions. Who exactly are you? Are you the grim reaper? Do you have death angels? Do you pick them or do they apply to work for you or do you work alone? How do you pick who is to die? Do you have meetings to discuss your plans? Do you even have plans? Do you send out memos? Do you care about friends and family? Does it occur to you that maybe we are sometimes never ready to leave?  Don’t you think we deserve a warning?

I deserve answers to all my questions but seeing as you are king in your dark kingdom you will not bother answering me. In fact I’m sure you are smiling looking me thinking this stupid twat has guts. Does she know I can pluck her just as I did Mike? But you see death you didn’t pick Mike, you stole him, you snatched him away and you even hid it from us from us for 24 hours, what a coward. Did you have to use a gun? I wish guns were like words, bang, you absorb them or let them ricochet off to another surface and life moves on but no, guns hurt, maim and kill.

Let me explain to you clearly what you have done to the world. Mike was full of life; he was the life of every party. He would go out of his way to help his friends and family. I bet you don’t know what that entails and you don’t even care. He was an amazing friend careful with his words but always hit the nail on the head. He didn’t believe in impossibilities. In his world anyone could do anything you just needed commitment. He was an amazing father and a stellar human being.

He loved travelling especially taking road trips, driving with him would give you such a rush and you yearned sitting on the driver’s seat. He was an amazing driver, I don’t know if I can break down to you how good of a driver he was because I don’t like you. I’m not afraid of you but I hate you death I swear I do. His love for Subaru’s was unlike anything I’ve ever known. He loved cars but Subaru was his machine, it’s either a Subaru or nothing.

Death you have a way of unnerving people and making them unable to communicate with each other. When I called my friend this morning I could tell something was wrong. He seemed off, he was not concentrating. I doubt he remembers a word I said to him. To confirm my fears he texted me,”Sorry about my poor concentration today.” I replied “It’s alright; I figured you had a lot.” Then he sent me a screen shot with Mikes number plates and said “It’s complicated.”  I said “that’s Mike’s number plate right?” He told me all is not well and he would keep me updated. He did not keep me updated by the way, because people don’t know how to deal with you death. No one does and we don’t want to know. I confirmed my fears from facebook and then I called him to confirm. Social Media will break your hearts people.

I don’t understand when they say he’s in a better place, it’s not so bad over here you know. I always want to hold on a little longer ,why wouldn’t I. With people like Mike you did not have to think about anything but how to live each day at a time and enjoy it.Mike my stick shift (manual) driving skills still suck by the way and now I’m not even motivated to improve them anymore. Who will teach me? I had also promised myself to hitch hike a laid back road trip to Machakos with you but death had plans of his own. For your memory I am gonna fix the stick shift situation and drive to Machakos.

You have left fond memories Mike, memories no one can take away from us all. It’s not how long you’ve known someone that matters it’s the quality of the time you spent with them. We love you and we will forever love you. Rest in Eternal Peace Michael Kiambi.