Menstruation Tales 1.

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             Tampons A few weeks ago at work we had no internet - no it wasn't slow we hadn't paid - so my colleague told us a story of how her period just showed up and she needed to buy pads. She went into a supermarket picked a [...]


Sexism at work?

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  Image Credits: Shutterstock Thursday night I slept very disturbed. I have been working on a project that I enjoyed so much, I would even work outside my work hours – I am always working so I am not certain what those are- because of how much I enjoyed it. That night in relation [...]


A letter to Kenya

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Dear Kenya, I haven’t written to you before. I write to those I love deeply or hate.Yeah, I deeply dislike some people, I am not Jesus. I struggle with my emotions for you Kenya. To me you were a place I found myself, you were home because I couldn’t go elsewhere. I was supposed to [...]


My big broken heart

Like the lazy writer I am, I spend some of my days staring into the abyss that is the internet, trying to read everything on it before an unknown force deletes it.  I want to tell rosy stories most times but it is clearly not what the world wants me to do. 2017 has been [...]


Friendships and Uncertainties

I should be recapping 2016 but I will not. It’s hard not to overshare in this digital era so you just hold everything in. Most of my biggest moments in the past year are things I would want to keep to myself. That said, I have not written for this blog in what feels like [...]


Social Media the snitch

Oh, social media, how you keep breaking my heart. You keep snitching. I woke up unusually early yesterday because my cousin needed help with her project. I will have no one close to me pay Ksh 20,000 to have someone throw words together for them. We had a lengthy talk, exchanged emails and gossiped (you [...]


Why can’t we cheer each other on?

  I went for coffee with my friends on Friday evening. It’s been a while since we met because life happens. Since then I have been sad for a few days. My friend had a baby, so naturally she went for maternity leave. When she went back to work her position had been filled by [...]


She gets a cold, I get paranoid.

Mother, Daughter She calls every day. Not today. I look at my phone and realize its 4:00 pm. I don’t even have a missed call from her. I have been trying to make a living and make her proud. Not that she isn’t but my financial freedom and success is her peace and [...]


Birth Control

I have been involved in research on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) a few times. Each time gets me amused. Each time I leave with a hangover. Each time leaves me feeling incomplete. As soon as my visit is done, my client wants their data back. But I always want to go back. I want to [...]


To the patient parents.

Dear Mum and Dad, I am at the point in my life where everyone is asking me whom I am seeing. Whom am I going out with? Whom am I going to bring home to you folks? Who has laid claim on me? Very many cliché questions for a woman my age trying to ask [...]

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