I have for the last one month coveted Mosara Products. God knows I have. I have had natural hair for exactly one year and ten months today. Growing up people referred to my hair as “Ntharu cia Ng’ondu” which translates to sheep poop. This is the term that was used to describe my thick, hard coily hair. My mother, on the other hand, had long lustrous locks. The only thing she used was coconut oil and bar soap. She rarely went to the salon. I had short hair and I always asked my mom why my hair wasn’t as beautiful as hers. But my mother is a phenomenal woman. She kept telling me how beautiful my hair was but I couldn’t see past her lustrous locks. So she went to work one morning and came back with short hair in the evening. Maybe she was tired of hair or she wanted to show me all hair is beautiful hair.

In the quest to nourish my locks which I now love I looked to Mzazi Naturals for Mosara Kenya products as you all know them. When I got them I was so excited I wanted to wash my hair that night. I didn’t, because life! I had a free day last Thursday and I decided to test them. Here we go…

Rich Conditioner


I first shampooed my hair because I wanted to cleanse all the buildup and create a clean slate with which to judge my new boo. I am not heavy handed so I squeezed out a small amount and massaged through my hair. I kept massaging but I did not feel the slip so I checked in the mirror that I had put conditioner and sure enough I had. Because I like slip while conditioning I added a little more. I felt the slip I was looking for. So moving forward I knew to squeeze out more than I normally would. I combed through my hair which I rarely do and left it for 20 minutes. I was in hair heaven.

My 250 ml bottle is a quarter way empty which means I would use it for only a month as I wash my hair weekly or four times.

Verdict: The only thing I did not like about it is I have to use a little more than I would for better slip. I will totally buy it again because my hair felt clean and soft also because I hope to get more slip next time. Oh yeah, I do not have hard hair anymore.

Deep Treatment Masque

Some people like using a deep treatment before using a conditioner. I normally like using it after so that when I rinse out I leave all the benefits in my hair but that’s just me. I should probably find out the correct way of using them but this works for me. I had sectioned my hair into four sections. Its medium length now so it’s easier to wash my hair in sections. I massaged into every section with repeated strokes. After covering every strand of hair with the masque I covered my hair with a shower cap and blew hot air from a blow dry all around my hair and the wore a hat to retain the heat. It was raining on Thursday and I was going nowhere so I left it in for two hours though it says 30 minutes is enough.

Verdict: It is smooth when you are working through your hair. My hair was in dire need of a deep treatment and a trim since it was shedding quite a bit. It had been a while since used a deep treatment. I am a very lazy natural. The shedding has reduced and even after I rinsed out my hair felt softer than it normally would.

Leave in Conditioner

It comes in a container to scoop out of. Now, that makes me giddy. I can easily scoop out the amount I want. This is because I apply leave-in conditioner in sections as well. It is rich and creamy. I am trying to remain subtle with my description but of the entire line, it is my favorite. A little goes a very long way.

Verdict: It is worth every coin.

Moisture Milk.

I have used it once on Wednesday and I loved it. I felt like I would not give a proper review unless I got it from someone who loves combing hair every morning. My auntie does and she has been searching for a product that doesn’t enhance curls and moisturizes without too much shrinkage. So this was the best person to use it and give me a review. She loves it. Her hair is easy to comb, her scalp is not painful and also her hair is shedding less. This is after only three uses. So I have to get another bottle for myself because the next time she is over which is a lot of times she will carry it. I am thinking of getting one for my mother as she also complains of the same issues.

Verdict: It does exactly what it promises softens hair to ease combing and styling.

Did I say the whole line has a sweet coconut and raisins smell? One of these days I will lick it and see whether it is sweet for real. Also, it is affordable. If you have Ksh 1,550 it is easy to get all the above products. I am comparing Mosara with the other products that cost about KSH 800 a tub. The beauty is they will last a while.

My hair is not referred to as “sheep poop hair” anymore. I have had strangers touch it and ask me what I do. I do not do anything extraordinary especially since I am a lazy natural but I take care of my hair. Also maintaining my hair is now so much cheaper because I need every coin I make.

My hair.

My hair

P.S I had traveled over the weekend and my hair had picked up so much dust so I washed it again to remove the dust and it is still as soft and less shedding.