A few weeks ago at work we had no internet – no it wasn’t slow we hadn’t paid – so my colleague told us a story of how her period just showed up and she needed to buy pads.

She went into a supermarket picked a packet of pads and panty liners and queued to pay. The guy in front of her kept glancing at her and she worried that she had messed her dress. Yeah the guy was in front of her but she worried – it is just the way it is. When the cashier started ringing up *what’s the word* his things he asked the cashier to ring in *yeah I’m still looking for the word* the pads and panty liners. My colleague was shocked and protested but the guy paid and walked out before she could even say thank you.

My colleague because silence isn’t a gift she was given and suspense isn’t her forte picked the items and ran after him to say thank you and try to find out why. He said, “Menstruation products isn’t something women should pay for, whatever you feel comfortable using, societies/governments should find a way to provide these items for free.”

He got into his car without explaining anything more, waved bye and left her with the gratitude that a man would be as thoughtful. Ladies spend at least ksh 500 per month for menstrual products. Menstruation doesn’t care how broke you are it’ll just show up, sometimes earlier than expected to spite you, other times late to make you recount all your steps and other times on time just because.

Did I say my colleague shed tears because of that incident? She did. Why did I write this post? Because we’re only two women in my office and that day made us realize there’s so much men don’t know and are afraid to ask. I stopped saying google is your friend to everything, sometimes I’m actually a good person.

That’s a photo of tampons, why? Because a guy in our office doesn’t know how some things we use look like.


Disclaimer: I have discovered I really like writing on Facebook and I don’t even know why. So now I will be trying to dust this place and populating it with some of Facebook posts that I find really good and be more here.