It was time for our monthly coffee date. I was meeting Mary and Jane later in day. We talked throughout the day and of course reconfirmed our date. At around 5:00pm Mary sent me a text to meet her at Jubilee Insurance Center. This is the building next to city hall. If you have never been in a maze just walk into the center and tick off your bucket list. If you value your sanity, ignore me.

I was to meet her on 4th floor at an OB/GYN’s office. Have you ever noticed that most OB/GYN’s are located in business buildings? Look around and tell me. I walked in through the door opposite Trattoria. The lifts were not working so I took the stairs, I was so tired by the time I got to 4th floor. I’m unfit – I know. I found the clinic and sat to chat with Mary as we waited in queue and Jane to join us. It was Mary’s turn and the doctor called her in for consultation and tests. No sooner had she walked in than Jane called saying the front door had been locked so she couldn’t get into the building. I walked down to the ground floor reception and asked the guards if my friend could come in. He said “sure, just tell her to use the door on the right, the back, opposite city hall or adjacent to the insurance entrance”. I stared at him with my blank face. This guard had just assumed I am Quasimodo the permanent building resident. He finally figured out I did not know which door so he explained to me. EXPLAINED how to get to the other side of the maze. Let’s just say I spent 30 minutes looking for Jane.

Back at the doctor’s reception after linking with Jane, we found Mary waiting for her test results. There were more people in queue. But the place was quite. Those who dared talk, like us, had to do so in whispers. Mary was called in on her turn and we heard the doctor loudly announce “you are pregnant and it’s six weeks along”. We heard from the reception. Either  the doctor had no sense of privacy or he got excited to confirm that this woman had just joined the list of his assured clients for the next few months. We all got the news at exactly the same time. The mother, Jane and myself. If that doesn’t make me a mother by extension I don’t know what will. That baby is ours. It will be born with more than two parents. I was so happy for Mary because she was excited as well. I felt like I am part of something big, not in the way you are thinking. I don’t know if Jane felt the same but I want to believe she did.

Oh, Mary is now six months along. I am receiving gifts on her behalf, she doesn’t mind. We knew about this baby long before the father had any idea. I am the worst friend I know but good news is to be shared right? And it’s not a secret anymore, the world knows from looking at her tummy. Be quick with the gifts before the baby comes.

I am waiting for the gifts…