According to Wikipedia, a legend is the story of a saint’s life or a larger than life story that gets passed down from one generation to the next. A hero is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. A hero is also a term for a submarine sandwich; things eaten under water have different names thanks Wikipedia for adding onto my knowledge.

He calls himself Weedy The’Mogul Muller (Baba Gabby) on Facebook, he is Kenyan let his names not fool you, he is called Mulwa AKA Legend 589.I digress – Mulwa, do you also tell people, “no vaa…” when they ask for directions and it’s still 20 kms away? If you do, that is witchcraft and you need to stop it. His favorite quote is, “Every mother on earth gave birth to a child. Except my mother, she gave birth to a legend – Weedy.” If you think that is cocky then my friend you are as deluded as a Kenyan voter. He is none of that, Weedy is a man who embodies what being a hero really means and what he did on Sunday 1st, 2015 is legendary. When Michael Kiambi was shot he rushed him to hospital and made tough decisions with the precision of a soldier. You must be sitting there thinking – well that’s what friends do is it not? I will have you know Weedy and Michael did not know each other they were strangers brought together by the human need to wind down and relax in a quiet place as you look forward to another boring Monday. If you love Mondays, I need some of what you are taking. They were mere acquaintances on a quiet night out in Nairobi when thugs (these are violent people with no shred of humanity, people worse than the devil, mean assholes – Karma is coming for you) shot Mike. Weedy and his friends took Mike to a clinic to dress his wound to reduce bleeding before proceeding to Mater hospital for specialized care.

His social media details read – he is at the Business School for Legends, fucking minding his own business can you fucking mind your own? By this he means he is busy being an angel and leaving legends to be told for generations and generations. His business is looking out for that stranger in the car parked next to him and making sure no harm comes to him and if it does then he will cross the seven seas to save his life. It also reads, “I don’t give second chances. I give you directions on where you can go fuck yourself.” This translates to if he finds you in a ditch he will pick you up put you in his car with all your mud, gunk and water soaked clothes and rush you to safety. Meaning he will personally drive you to this place and look for five chances if that’s what it takes to save you. He will not leave until all options are exhausted. It continues to read, “Not everybody likes me, but not everybody, matters.” Weedy we like you here at Mike’s camp, oh but then again we are not everybody so yeah you are so on point, heck we love you. According to my thesaurus dictionary and at the risk of looking dump for using too many definitions, love is a feeling of affection for another person. In our books you are a hero and heroes are loved, so pardon us if you feel suffocated by our love but you are our Knight in shining armor and we will forever love you.

You see that title Legend Weedy? You have to bold it and add it to your already long name because what you did will be retold for years to come. As you read this you might be thinking many other people do that, help strangers in their point of need, I know all that and I happen to have met a few of them. That notwithstanding in this instance you are that person to us and we are forever grateful to you. In fact I feel a little happier being on earth knowing you are out there somewhere.

You and your friends are amazing human beings. I am writing mostly to you because you are our point of contact but I know you were not alone in your efforts to save Mikes life. Call your friends tell them of how much we appreciate them, you can even tell them we would like to buy them Nyama Choma na Tusker Baridi or an easy gusaga session AKA Miraa therapy to appreciate them Kenyan style.

Everyone from Mike’s family, friends and colleagues would like to say a hearty thank you. May your blessings be shaken together, compounded and handed to you in double portions. You drove until the end the road to save a life and for that we thank you. As we lay Mike to rest on Wednesday we would like you to know you are the bright light for us at this moment and may the Almighty God bless you over and over.