It all started with his comment on an article on huff post. She liked his comment and replied. The article was about the struggles of a millennial. She was struggling. But no one knew. She had no godfather. She was jobless, lived with her brother in the city and her college loan was still gaining interest. No one understood why she was so stressed all the time. How could she be stressed when she had shelter, food and clothing? She even had WiFi to tap into whenever she felt like it.

She was lonely. Every day she withdrew into herself a little more. She would have loved to have her own space but she couldn’t leave. He was a welcome distraction because he understood her struggle. He was also something she could think about. She always thought about his smile, how he walked, his voice and his ever fresh scent. She lived for Thursday evenings. He would meet her without fail. They would eat, drink and smoke as the night crawled in. He liked her, hopefully as much as she liked him. They both knew it, had this nagging feeling but no one ever brought it up. Watching them, you would think of an old couple going through a tense phase. The tension was live. An element part of this relationship. Thursday extended to Friday. A glass of wine became two, three and five.

The gaze into his eyes lasted a minute longer. Every hug lingered longer whenever he dropped her home. She quit drinking and smoking as fast as she had picked it up. Conversations got longer and phone calls more expensive. She knew she never wanted to lose him in her life. They both wanted more but at what cost. Tension hang over them like a grey cloud in July. When he called her heart faltered, she felt lighter and happier.

Good fortune brought her a job. Thursday evening moved to Saturday afternoon and conversations got longer. One Sunday morning he called to wish her a good day. He told her he missed her and would see her later. He was car jacked on his way to pick her that evening. They shot his heart.

His heart bled. The heart that loved but never told. The heart that was scared. The heart that longed for her. The heart she longed for. The heart she would never get. The heart that wanted.