It is often not about the food. It is mostly about the company. There are people who can make a simple meal of githeri taste heavenly. And there are people you would rather stay home than share a share a meal at a five star eatery. On Saturday afternoon, I met with my cousin for lunch. We shared a plate of bhajia because we don’t like wasting food. Ok. I lied we were both full. But you just cannot stare at each other at a restaurant. It is rude. And it is not about #njaanuary things. (I am not good with this hashtag things)  I got to TRM before my cousin because she takes her time dressing and applying make-up. She needs to teach me the art of make-up. Or maybe not.

As strolled into the TRM food court, I took note of the army of waiters and waitresses. I approached the sitting area with trepidation. This had happened before and like the last time, I was pissed off. Before I could find myself a place to sit there was a swarm of about 20 waiters and waitresses around me. I could not even pull out a seat, and no one offered. Eventually someone moved just enough for me to pull out a seat. Before I sat down, 17 menus landed on the table. I politely told them that though very hungry, I already knew what I wanted. I placed my order and waited for my cousin and the bhajias. She takes her time this girl. She’s the diva extraordinaire.

This was a perfect time for people watching. You should try it. Mall traffic can be very interesting. More so on a Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed watching others get swarmed as I had been. I even played a little game comparing how long it took people to place their orders. But this is serious stuff. My master’s thesis will be a scientific study on the “correlation between the number of waiters versus how long it takes to place an order – cases study of TRM food court”.  Different kinds of people from all walks of life came in. And each time the wait staff followed them like ants attracted to honey. My cousin walked in and they all escorted her to my table. I noticed that there were three or four servers from the same restaurant. However, if you happen to get your order and your server forgets something say like, sauce you are on your own. You will wave in the air like a madman before you get attention. When you want to settle your bill you will also wave like a crazy idiot. To avoid all this embarrassment I have since learnt to just walk up to the cashier and settle my bills.

I have no problem with you earning your keep but it’s courteous to let me choose in peace. Or maybe someone should designate tables for specific restaurants. Or maybe the restaurants should allocate tables/ areas to specific staff. Or… I don’t know. I’ve been at other malls including TAJ Mall in Embakasi,Garden City and no one bombarded me. I don’t eat at malls that much but judging from my TRM experience I am very reluctant to try any other mall. Never say never though.

There is no Mr. Price at TRM, who knew? Even the guards who work there have no clue, we walked up and down three times before we could find anyone who knows or is it finally figure out.