A letter to Kenya

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Dear Kenya, I haven’t written to you before. I write to those I love deeply or hate.Yeah, I deeply dislike some people, I am not Jesus. I struggle with my emotions for you Kenya. To me you were a place I found myself, you were home because I couldn’t go elsewhere. I was supposed to [...]


My big broken heart

Like the lazy writer I am, I spend some of my days staring into the abyss that is the internet, trying to read everything on it before an unknown force deletes it.  I want to tell rosy stories most times but it is clearly not what the world wants me to do. 2017 has been [...]


She gets a cold, I get paranoid.

Mother, Daughter She calls every day. Not today. I look at my phone and realize its 4:00 pm. I don’t even have a missed call from her. I have been trying to make a living and make her proud. Not that she isn’t but my financial freedom and success is her peace and [...]


Birth Control

I have been involved in research on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) a few times. Each time gets me amused. Each time I leave with a hangover. Each time leaves me feeling incomplete. As soon as my visit is done, my client wants their data back. But I always want to go back. I want to [...]


To the patient parents.

Dear Mum and Dad, I am at the point in my life where everyone is asking me whom I am seeing. Whom am I going out with? Whom am I going to bring home to you folks? Who has laid claim on me? Very many cliché questions for a woman my age trying to ask [...]



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With every waking moment, you are on my mind. The tiny dollop of toothpaste I squeeze out has a way of reminding me of you, because your toothpaste tastes terrible. When I am spreading lotion on my skin I remember how fruity your lotion smelt. Not that I mind. Especially since I do not know [...]


Forever is just a mirage …

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It all started with his comment on an article on huff post. She liked his comment and replied. The article was about the struggles of a millennial. She was struggling. But no one knew. She had no godfather. She was jobless, lived with her brother in the city and her college loan was still gaining [...]


Who are we?

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At 12:00 noon, I turned again in a strange bed. Comfortable but strange. I had walked into my hotel room at around 4:00 am. Sober but exhausted. The events of the previous night came tumbling into my brain. Apart from the occasional glass of wine I rarely imbibe. The previous night was no different. We [...]


The Anchor

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She reached for her phone as the screen lit up. It was another reminder to take her morning pills. Her eyes wander to the white ceiling. It was so plain and boring. The apartment was so silent you could hear her labored breathing. She was louder than the clock on the wall.  As she shuffled [...]


2015, The year that was!

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I don’t know how to behave for big occasions. Christmas, new years, birthdays, graduations, weddings name anything that a huge crowd is involved in celebrating and I will be the unicorn in a world of horses. Hence if I can get a way to escape from it I will gladly do so, which doesn’t happen [...]



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Relationships are like a gourmet dish. You must scout for specific ingredients, put in the effort and endless hours preparing. Long before you serve, the scents invite neighbors. Remember how in ushago your neighbor made Chapati and all kids in the village gathered to play near the home. The unavailable man treats you exactly like [...]



Rain in Nairobi creates mayhem. It is 5:00 pm and I can hear big drops of water landing on the car park roof. My boss walks in with a prequalification form due the following day at 10:00am. I hate filling these forms it is like watching cows come home for milking every evening. Njeri walks [...]



I walked in at 5:10 pm, head held up high and smiling like a millionaire (it’s a running joke among my friends).The meeting was supposed to start at 4:00 pm, in my defense I am very tired of the hurry up and wait syndrome, I am chronically early so to be at par with everyone [...]



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I received a message on my Facebook inbox to call him as he had lost my number (thanks Zuckerberg). The last time we talked he had just lost his father. After I called he gave me a lot of grief and of course included the classic Kenyan line, “haki Kendi umenitupa” (Kendi, it’s been a [...]



When her foot hit the wet tarmac she immediately regretted not picking her car from the garage the previous evening. She had made peace with living in the city and could not imagine herself elsewhere. She knew to always leave her house at the break of dawn to beat the traffic. On this wet Saturday [...]



Since I big chopped (cut my hair, forgive my natural hair language), end of December last year, I have gone to the salon three times .I do my hair at home it has saved me a pretty penny and I now know what to do with my mane and what not to do. All those [...]



According to Wikipedia, a legend is the story of a saint’s life or a larger than life story that gets passed down from one generation to the next. A hero is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. A hero is also a term for [...]


R.I.P Michael

Death, I need to have a heart to heart talk with you tonight. Sit down with me and answer my questions. Who exactly are you? Are you the grim reaper? Do you have death angels? Do you pick them or do they apply to work for you or do you work alone? How do you [...]



I never walked without a sweater in high school, even when the weather was a sweltering 30 degrees Celsius I couldn’t. I was tiny, flat chested, flat bummed, tallish and my school shirt would always slide out of my waist which was punishable at my high school. Standing at 5’4 that is just standard height [...]



I have these moments when I get really, really empty headed. If you  are a mathematician it’s like when your numbers fail to add up right or you can’t find the famous X or if you are a prostitute it’s like mid-month and you can’t sell your goodies to Johns’ (pun intended) because mwezi iko [...]