It’s wet outside; the windows are misty from the breath of the humans in this house. I sit and stare at each drop as it falls on the grass. Sometimes I have the pleasure of working from home like today. On such days I am so grateful I don’t have to sit in traffic drawing images on the car window. I imagine mama mboga who must sell her goods in the rain or in a drenched kibanda threatening to cave in any minute. If she doesn’t her family sleeps hungry. I imagine the shoe guy in Bus Station whose stand is open and his business peeks at 4 P.M. What did he do today? Schools are closed there is that kid who hawks Njugu as you sit in traffic on Mombasa road going home. Is that their only source of income?

I think about ushago (upcountry), a farmer hasn’t finished harvesting because the rains came too soon. I think about my 89 year old neighbor and her poor house help? They share a single room; it’s the kitchen, the bedroom and the sitting area. It gets flooded the moment it rains. Why must it happen to them? They can’t pull a serikali saidia because it’s Meru and it’s not known for flooding. I remember women who go to cut firewood in the forest. It’s their only source of income come rain or sunshine. As they ferry the wood on their backs some of them fall because it’s slippery but they soldier on.

I think about the tout trying to fill their buses to ferry people home. As they leave the bus station then their work begins, they must alight at every stop with every passenger no matter the amount of rain. I think about my fruit vendor. A water melon will easily cost me Ksh 500 right now but I will bargain and get it at Ksh 400. I will not think about the struggle he went through to get it, has he even made a profit? The guy who roasts maize just opposite the grocery store is not there today. His charcoal will get all wet and soaked from the rain.

The driver who will drop the CEO at home and park the company car at the nearest police post then walk home. What would happen if just for today he were to park at his compound? The cab driver who must seat in his car at the parking lot the whole night and come morning he will have got only one client. The guard who will stand steady at the office entrance the whole night. He will brave the cold breeze and a little rain. Mama nguo who will come do your laundry while you sit in your cozy office. The homeless person huddled somewhere in the street sheltering from the rain.

Are they children of a lesser God?