Burn a “fire” to put out a fire.

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She’s petite, he’s tall and slender. He’s on the boarder of thin and she is short. I am an only child except I am not. He was present yet absent.  Every evening he would stagger in and slouch into the sofa still clutching his newspaper. My mother would serve his favorite dish, mukimo and stew. [...]


Who are we?

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At 12:00 noon, I turned again in a strange bed. Comfortable but strange. I had walked into my hotel room at around 4:00 am. Sober but exhausted. The events of the previous night came tumbling into my brain. Apart from the occasional glass of wine I rarely imbibe. The previous night was no different. We [...]


2015, The year that was!

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I don’t know how to behave for big occasions. Christmas, new years, birthdays, graduations, weddings name anything that a huge crowd is involved in celebrating and I will be the unicorn in a world of horses. Hence if I can get a way to escape from it I will gladly do so, which doesn’t happen [...]



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I was starving as I crossed from Koinange Street to Muindi Mbingu street into a restaurant. When I starve in town and I’m alone I normally eat one particular combo: pancake and tea. It’s delicious, huge and insanely cheap (Ksh 110) for tea and pancake. I could even eat two pancakes in one sitting. As [...]

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