Dear Kenya,

I haven’t written to you before. I write to those I love deeply or hate.Yeah, I deeply dislike some people, I am not Jesus. I struggle with my emotions for you Kenya. To me you were a place I found myself, you were home because I couldn’t go elsewhere. I was supposed to just fall in love with you, which I have at different periods in my life. Like when our athletes bring all those medals from marathons and games, my heart swells with joy. I have cheered you on when one of my people is winning out there in the world. A few people come to mind: John Sibi Okumu , Lupita Nyong’o , David Rudisha, Sarah Ikumu,Lucy Gichuhi, Jason Dunford, oh and Eddie Gathegi that one of X-Men because damn! I have left out many of your sons and daughters pardon me.

I treated you like a mistress, like I had a wife to go home to in the evening. You were just a convenience to me. When you were falling I didn’t catch you, I have hated on you and I have said terrible things about you. Things that would break my heart if any of my future children said to me. I have said them nonetheless and I keep repeating them. I am selfish for I do not stand up for you, I still don’t. When Meru hates on Taita I speak up only when it’s gone too far. When Kamba eats Luhya’s Ugali I feel terrible but that’s all I do, feel terrible. I let Maasai speak terrible about Luo. I do not stop the stereotypes I just listen and sometimes laugh.

Your children come from over 40 tribes. The intertribal and interracial marriages in you have shown me that you have taught your children to love beyond our differences. But like all families even yours isn’t perfect. Some of us are horrible to our sisters and brothers. With social media the cloth that you wrapped us in is torn. The way you told us to be silent when we can’t say anything nice we don’t. We are just out here disgracing you and tearing each other apart.

I have toyed with the idea of leaving you a few times in the past. I don’t just mean to go away for vacation or school no, I have thought of going away forever and loving you from a far. I would of course call you a few times and send you money and all those things expected from a daughter but that’s all I would do.

I am an adult now and because you are more of a friend than a parent I have come to love you. Gosh I love you, I would climb Mt. Kenya to prove my love to you, but that’s all the physical activity I can do for you Kenya. I could eat cabbage dipped in chilly to prove my love, that’s a big deal for me, as you remember I hate cabbage and chilly is just well, CHILLY.

Now, I want to see your face every day, and if I can’t I will come visit you every chance I get. Children grow up remember and I am a grown up now so anything can happen. I want to fight for you- not literally no, I am just 45kgs and I know how that works darling and I am just not a violent person, so you will let me do what I do best. I will tell everyone who listens how great I think you are.

Today Chief Justice David Maraga has shown me that systems in Kenya work if we let them. But the mood in the streets and on social media isn’t what you expect from us Kenya. One of your children told me they weep for you because of the Supreme Court ruling. Darling, I don’t. I am elated, if there was a discrepancy in choosing a president for you and the Supreme Court has shown there was, I would love to fix it.

I have always been told about free and fair elections and The Supreme Court has shown me what that means. This is a win for all your children. I know it’s an expensive affair but I am sure you don’t mind too much.

Have I forgotten about your sons and daughters who toil day and night to make you, Kenya in Kenya? I have a few in mind, Patrick Kilonzo he waters animals at Tsavo national park when it’s too dry, Lorna Laboso I love this woman, Yusuf Dawood the one of surgeons diary because reading is my thing, Grant Brooke that one of twiga foods because he inspires me, he’s not even Kenyan but he is on your side love, Akothee yes the one, because there is just something happening with her and I am whimsical. This list is a little longer because it includes my closest people so I’ll not delve too deep but there are so many.

Just so you know Kenya, one of your children Baby Pendo died from injuries she got during a police operation this August. She wasn’t the only one there were several others and I don’t know their names because I didn’t try hard enough to find them, I’ll do better. Also most of your children are really struggling to hold decent conversations because some of them are packing for Canaan and other’s think this Canaan will take 40 years like in the bible. You should check on us soon Kenya we need your wisdom.

Would you please write me back with ideas and stuff? Also mostly because I need tips on how to firm my butt, squats don’t work.

With Love,