Bye 2015I don’t know how to behave for big occasions. Christmas, new years, birthdays, graduations, weddings name anything that a huge crowd is involved in celebrating and I will be the unicorn in a world of horses. Hence if I can get a way to escape from it I will gladly do so, which doesn’t happen so often since you must keep up with society and the people in it. It’s a new year let me recap bits and pieces of my 2015 through my words

Accepting and developing a talent

2015 was a slow year up until August. I suddenly got out of my shell and accepted what one of my friends has always known without a doubt. He is the friend who was always telling me you can do this Kendi, you can do this come on. Mathematics wasn’t my favourite subject at any point in my life. I always had to put in the extra effort to achieve just slightly above average or fail miserably. English and history on the other hand are one of those I never bothered with but I always seemed to excel. Talk about denial. I was in denial. So much so that my undergrad is business based because society has programmed me in a way to show math is more valued. Do I regret it not even one bit. I am loving this journey and wherever it will take me. I have only learned that, if someone tells you, how good you are at something don’t take 5 years to accept it. If you do don’t worry I did it before you and here I am now. My only challenge now is, “Kendi, please don’t write about this.”

Loosing friends, making new, reconnecting with my old and retaining some.

On the 1st of November 2015 my friend was shot by thugs. I will not say much about it since it’s still a sad memory for his family and friends and I have talked about it and written about it before. From his death I made new friends. I met great writers who are now my friends and they inspire me. I started talking to friends I had, growing up but we drifted apart because life and I love that we are back in touch. I can’t wait to see you.Even if we haven’t talked yet, we are still here with each other and I am keeping you because I love life with you in it.

Accidents and sicknesses

When I got into an accident it took me a week to tell my parents that I had been in an accident. I kept wondering why I did that until my dad got sick and was healed without letting me know. Then my brother was in an accident and he took 3 days to tell me and his argument was I wasn’t injured so I didn’t want to worry you. The same line I had used on him. On 28th of December 2015 I found out my mum had been unwell and she also did not tell me for a while. She is taking medication and she has improved so much. I don’t know if that is a way to express our love to each other but I’m certain we need classes in that area.

Losing weight

I am feather weight aka 1gb, I therefore try to maintain my weight since adding weight is a task for me. I know life is unfair some people are struggling to lose weight and I am struggling to add. So when I stepped on the weighing scale on the last week of December and discovered I had lost 3 kgs I was gutted. I love myself but being human I am predisposed to self-analysing tendencies so I thought about it for like a day or so. I am not changing anything really apart from taking up running and gaining those 3 kgs, but otherwise I am good.

Changing my wardrobe

I am a woman so excuse me if I must muse about what I wear. My friend challenged me to wear more dresses last year. I succeeded and went over and above. The only thing I will never win at is high heels, I know a good heel gives you a shapely butt – ama mimi huona zangu?. A sexy walking style – no I am not talking about those girls who gully creep in town in those pointy mtumba heels. You know those that have no padding on the heel, when she steps on a tiled floor it sounds like she has suddenly unleashed her drum set and everyone turns to look? Anyhuu heels for me are for extra special occasions.

Discovering a thrifty me

I visited Garden city sometime in December. This was after my friend told me that Woolworths had a 30% and 50% offer on a whole load of stuff. I was so excited, I’ve been to Woolworths many a time but for some reason I never really looked at the price tags on their items. Maybe that’s because I was buying a wallet which was really worth it. So on this day as I walk into Woolworths and I’m greeted by discount boards everywhere I felt like a baby’s bum with fresh diapers. The first item I was a cute striped blazer it was going for ksh 9,500.I looked again to confirm it’s not ksh 950.00, no it was a freaking 9k. I went a bit gaga in my brain but then it was around the time Kenyans had just learnt that Bob Collymore makes ksh 9 M a month. I walked around some more and the cheapest thing I saw was a belt for around ksh 3,000. That was when the term “keep to your lanes” made a home in my brain. I shop at stalls where I can bargain or are just friendly, Toy Market,Ngara, Mr Price etc . I also realized clothing is one of the things I want to never spend too much of my money on. I know quality clothes last really long but for now I will always look for a bargain. The shoes at Woolworths though, yuuum shoes and I, we have an affair that will never end so I might be biased.

Master’s writing class

This is the highlight of my year and the best money I have spent anywhere this year, I remember and feel the worth every day. I met Biko, I look up to this guy, and I have read him since I was a teenager. Let’s just say I love his style. Wayua Muli , she’s awesome. Nyambura such a cool human. Cynthia bubbly as champagne, keep being you, you are a ray of sunshine. Kellie Migiro thanks for introducing me to Jackson’s Inama bookstore. Everyone else in the class I remember you all fondly, don’t worry if I didn’t mention. I wish we can do this class again.

Editors & Critiques

I have a few friends who edit my work. Thank you for dotting my I’s and crossing my t’s even as an amateur you are certainly grooming me. For my critiques you guys are just the best what would I do without you? Sometimes I ignore you but you never jilt meJ.

And to you all who read my work thank you for keeping my brain at work. I know a lot of the people who read me. I may not mention names but trust me I know you. I am not obsessed with gadgets but I named my laptop Bella since I started hanging out with her a lot. She’s my sleek and light constant companion.

Happy New Year peeps and may the odds always be in your favour.