Charity Luxuries

Charity is not a luxury. Yet it is. It shouldn’t be an entitlement. Yet many people view it as such. I am not rubbishing charity and charitable acts. Quite the opposite. My friends and I run an initiative to make CBO’s more visible online. This would enable well-wishers and donors to give to the right [...]


Who are we?

At 12:00 noon, I turned again in a strange bed. Comfortable but strange. I had walked into my hotel room at around 4:00 am. Sober but exhausted. The events of the previous night came tumbling into my brain. Apart from the occasional glass of wine I rarely imbibe. The previous night was no different. We [...]


He’s fancy

I miss my fancy hat. But the manager at my hotel more than covers for my fancy hat. He is fancy. He has this fancy hairstyle that I cannot achieve even when I rock bantu knot outs. His edges are laid smoothly. Licked back like a new born baby. Ecostyler gel has nothing on him. [...]


Going for my Mogaka

Hundreds of people were at the boarding station. Half of these were there to wish their loved ones a safe trip and try to squeeze in a last word. Among them was a father and son duo or what looked like it. I stood next to them and eavesdropped on their conversation. They talked about [...]


Scattered Brains

I haven’t written in a while. Wait no, I write every day. I haven’t updated my blog in a while. And I have good excuses. Let’s start with Hplylori, remember that. During that one week I felt like I may not wake up in morning when I went to bed. I woke up, I always [...]


No Shit

Tuesday evening. I had serious stomach cramping and loose stool. Wednesday morning. I made a long Facebook post about it. What else do you do when your ass has spent the better part of the night and morning on a cold porcelain? You make fun of it. Simply because you can. Around midday I went [...]


I am expecting

It was time for our monthly coffee date. I was meeting Mary and Jane later in day. We talked throughout the day and of course reconfirmed our date. At around 5:00pm Mary sent me a text to meet her at Jubilee Insurance Center. This is the building next to city hall. If you have never [...]


Food Courts

It is often not about the food. It is mostly about the company. There are people who can make a simple meal of githeri taste heavenly. And there are people you would rather stay home than share a share a meal at a five star eatery. On Saturday afternoon, I met with my cousin for [...]


In the closet

I have this friend I have known my whole life, literally. I don’t have a memory of him not in my life. Now, Abdi, (Of course not his real name), is very secretive. So secretive it irks me when he holds back juicy info I get petty. By petty I mean saying prayers like, ‘May [...]


The Anchor

She reached for her phone as the screen lit up. It was another reminder to take her morning pills. Her eyes wander to the white ceiling. It was so plain and boring. The apartment was so silent you could hear her labored breathing. She was louder than the clock on the wall.  As she shuffled [...]

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