Menstruation Tales 1.

             Tampons A few weeks ago at work we had no internet - no it wasn't slow we hadn't paid - so my colleague told us a story of how her period just showed up and she needed to buy pads. She went into a supermarket picked a [...]


Sexism at work?

  Image Credits: Shutterstock Thursday night I slept very disturbed. I have been working on a project that I enjoyed so much, I would even work outside my work hours – I am always working so I am not certain what those are- because of how much I enjoyed it. That night in relation [...]


A letter to Kenya

Dear Kenya, I haven’t written to you before. I write to those I love deeply or hate.Yeah, I deeply dislike some people, I am not Jesus. I struggle with my emotions for you Kenya. To me you were a place I found myself, you were home because I couldn’t go elsewhere. I was supposed to [...]


Seat number 40

I have been away from social media, away from this blog, ignoring phone calls, not responding to Whatsapp or texts I have just been. I would like to tell you something profound as to why I am silent but I have no reason. There is nothing deep I have just been sleeping too much and [...]


My big broken heart

Like the lazy writer I am, I spend some of my days staring into the abyss that is the internet, trying to read everything on it before an unknown force deletes it.  I want to tell rosy stories most times but it is clearly not what the world wants me to do. 2017 has been [...]


Friendships and Uncertainties

I should be recapping 2016 but I will not. It’s hard not to overshare in this digital era so you just hold everything in. Most of my biggest moments in the past year are things I would want to keep to myself. That said, I have not written for this blog in what feels like [...]


Review: Mosara Kenya

I have for the last one month coveted Mosara Products. God knows I have. I have had natural hair for exactly one year and ten months today. Growing up people referred to my hair as “Ntharu cia Ng’ondu” which translates to sheep poop. This is the term that was used to describe my thick, hard coily [...]


Social Media the snitch

Oh, social media, how you keep breaking my heart. You keep snitching. I woke up unusually early yesterday because my cousin needed help with her project. I will have no one close to me pay Ksh 20,000 to have someone throw words together for them. We had a lengthy talk, exchanged emails and gossiped (you [...]


Why can’t we cheer each other on?

  I went for coffee with my friends on Friday evening. It’s been a while since we met because life happens. Since then I have been sad for a few days. My friend had a baby, so naturally she went for maternity leave. When she went back to work her position had been filled by [...]


She gets a cold, I get paranoid.

Mother, Daughter She calls every day. Not today. I look at my phone and realize its 4:00 pm. I don’t even have a missed call from her. I have been trying to make a living and make her proud. Not that she isn’t but my financial freedom and success is her peace and [...]

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