Review: Mosara Kenya


I have for the last one month coveted Mosara Products. God knows I have. I have had natural hair for exactly one year and ten months today. Growing up people referred to my hair as “Ntharu cia Ng’ondu” which translates to sheep poop. This is the term […]

Home is where the heart is.

My mother loves tea. If you put her and a Luhya together she will win hands down. She loves her tea brewed not steeped. If she has to use a tea bag, she steeps it until it’s stripped of all its blackness and it’s a bag of nothingness. All that remains is a bag of […]


Let’s celebrate. Cheers to another year. My birthday was a few days ago. Even my parents did not remember, yeah even my mother who pushed me into this life. Only my Nairobi family, remembered. When I say I am blessed, it is real. In Nairobi, it is very difficult for a stranger to welcome you […]

A girl and warm wax

There are many ways we avoid looking like jungle men or cave men. One of these ways is hair removal. I don’t think our ancestors cared about hair removal. Or did they? If any one of you has a 200 year old relative, please ask. There are many ways to […]

Instagram Beauty

I have been rewatching HOUSE M.D, the series. Dr House’s honesty is brutal.  It is difficult for him to have a relationship because of that. Relationships are difficult though. One evening, I sat in a smoky café (everyone was smoking) with a friend who kept asking me, “Kendi why are […]

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