Seat number 40

I have been away from social media, away from this blog, ignoring phone calls, not responding to Whatsapp or texts I have just been. I would like to tell you something profound as to why I am silent but I have no reason. There is nothing […]

Who are we?

My Kenya

At 12:00 noon, I turned again in a strange bed. Comfortable but strange. I had walked into my hotel room at around 4:00 am. Sober but exhausted. The events of the previous night came tumbling into my brain. Apart from the occasional glass of wine I […]

He’s fancy

I miss my fancy hat. But the manager at my hotel more than covers for my fancy hat. He is fancy. He has this fancy hairstyle that I cannot achieve even when I rock bantu knot outs. His edges are laid smoothly. Licked back like a new born baby. Ecostyler gel has nothing on him. […]

2015, The year that was!

Bye 2015I don’t know how to behave for big occasions. Christmas, new years, birthdays, graduations, weddings name anything that a huge crowd is involved in celebrating and I will be the unicorn in a world of horses. Hence if I can get a way to escape from […]


Dear men, do ask for directions sometimes. Just ask. You will not die.

On Sunday evening I was to meet an investigator over the accident we had some time ago in Meru. We were to meet at highlands, corner house. Very convenient for everyone. Or so we thought.

We walked in at exactly 4:00pm as agreed and […]



Nairobi is a great city and I love living here. This love is something that has grown on me it did not just happen. It’s been a journey in this love affair. I remember the first time I came to Nairobi on my own -without an adult. I was from Meru, I bet I was […]


When her foot hit the wet tarmac she immediately regretted not picking her car from the garage the previous evening. She had made peace with living in the city and could not imagine herself elsewhere. She knew to always leave her house at the break of dawn to beat the traffic. On this wet Saturday […]


Thursday 11/11/2015 we travelled to Meru with friends for Mikes funeral (by now you all know Mike). Everyone else was at Kenyatta University funeral home by 5:30 am. It was a brief rendezvous before departure to Meru at 6:00 am. We left at around 11:30am after TOTAL KENYA Petrol Station, Fedha fueled our car with […]

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