Monthly Archives: June 2016


A girl and warm wax

There are many ways we avoid looking like jungle men or cave men. One of these ways is hair removal. I don’t think our ancestors cared about hair removal. Or did they? If any one of you has a 200 year old relative, please ask. There are many ways to […]

Forever is just a mirage …


It all started with his comment on an article on huff post. She liked his comment and replied. The article was about the struggles of a millennial. She was struggling. But no one knew. She had no godfather. She was jobless, lived with her brother in […]

Instagram Beauty

I have been rewatching HOUSE M.D, the series. Dr House’s honesty is brutal.  It is difficult for him to have a relationship because of that. Relationships are difficult though. One evening, I sat in a smoky café (everyone was smoking) with a friend who kept asking me, “Kendi why are […]

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