Monthly Archives: March 2016


Beauty Slap

The memory is stuck with me. I was meeting my cousin for some Easter kuchafua. I woke up late on that Sunday. I did not even make an effort to go to church. Mum was not pleased but she did not say anything. I think she has reached that point where she would rather pray […]

Charity Luxuries


Charity is not a luxury. Yet it is. It shouldn’t be an entitlement. Yet many people view it as such. I am not rubbishing charity and charitable acts. Quite the opposite.

My friends and I run an initiative to make CBO’s more visible online. This would enable well-wishers […]

Who are we?

My Kenya

At 12:00 noon, I turned again in a strange bed. Comfortable but strange. I had walked into my hotel room at around 4:00 am. Sober but exhausted. The events of the previous night came tumbling into my brain. Apart from the occasional glass of wine I […]

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