Monthly Archives: February 2016


He’s fancy

I miss my fancy hat. But the manager at my hotel more than covers for my fancy hat. He is fancy. He has this fancy hairstyle that I cannot achieve even when I rock bantu knot outs. His edges are laid smoothly. Licked back like a new born baby. Ecostyler gel has nothing on him. […]

Going for my Mogaka

Hundreds of people were at the boarding station. Half of these were there to wish their loved ones a safe trip and try to squeeze in a last word. Among them was a father and son duo or what looked like it. I stood next to them and eavesdropped on their conversation. They talked about […]

Scattered Brains

_20160219_113231I haven’t written in a while. Wait no, I write every day. I haven’t updated my blog in a while. And I have good excuses. Let’s start with Hplylori, remember that. During that one week I felt like I may not wake up in morning when I […]

No Shit

Tuesday evening. I had serious stomach cramping and loose stool. Wednesday morning. I made a long Facebook post about it. What else do you do when your ass has spent the better part of the night and morning on a cold porcelain? You make fun of it. Simply because you can. Around midday I went […]

I am expecting

It was time for our monthly coffee date. I was meeting Mary and Jane later in day. We talked throughout the day and of course reconfirmed our date. At around 5:00pm Mary sent me a text to meet her at Jubilee Insurance Center. This is the building next to city hall. If you have never […]

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