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Food Courts


It is often not about the food. It is mostly about the company. There are people who can make a simple meal of githeri taste heavenly. And there are people you would rather stay home than share a share a meal at a five star eatery. On […]

In the closet

I have this friend I have known my whole life, literally. I don’t have a memory of him not in my life. Now, Abdi, (Of course not his real name), is very secretive. So secretive it irks me when he holds back juicy info I get petty. By petty I mean saying prayers like, ‘May […]

The Anchor

She reached for her phone as the screen lit up. It was another reminder to take her morning pills. Her eyes wander to the white ceiling. It was so plain and boring. The apartment was so silent you could hear her labored breathing. She was louder than the clock on the wall.  As she shuffled […]

The welcome unwelcome guest

The time was 15:00hrs and the sun was high. It was a welcome warmth from the moody weather that had been prevalent all day. I was walking with my girlfriend in town and everyone was staring at us we laughed loud with reckless abandon. Money was tight from the festivities and January bills, still is. […]

2015, The year that was!

Bye 2015I don’t know how to behave for big occasions. Christmas, new years, birthdays, graduations, weddings name anything that a huge crowd is involved in celebrating and I will be the unicorn in a world of horses. Hence if I can get a way to escape from […]

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