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Relationships are like a gourmet dish. You must scout for specific ingredients, put in the effort and endless hours preparing. Long before you serve, the scents invite neighbors. Remember how in ushago your neighbor made Chapati and all kids in the village gathered to play near the home.

The unavailable man treats you exactly like a […]


It’s wet outside; the windows are misty from the breath of the humans in this house. I sit and stare at each drop as it falls on the grass. Sometimes I have the pleasure of working from home like today. On such days I am so grateful I don’t have to sit in traffic drawing […]


Dear men, do ask for directions sometimes. Just ask. You will not die.

On Sunday evening I was to meet an investigator over the accident we had some time ago in Meru. We were to meet at highlands, corner house. Very convenient for everyone. Or so we thought.

We walked in at exactly 4:00pm as agreed and […]


Rain in Nairobi creates mayhem. It is 5:00 pm and I can hear big drops of water landing on the car park roof. My boss walks in with a prequalification form due the following day at 10:00am. I hate filling these forms it is like watching cows come home for milking every evening. Njeri walks […]

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