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Coming to be

I never walked without a sweater in high school, even when the weather was a sweltering 30 degrees Celsius I couldn’t. I was tiny, flat chested, flat bummed, tallish and my school shirt would always slide out of my waist which was punishable at my […]



I have these moments when I get really, really empty headed. If you  are a mathematician it’s like when your numbers fail to add up right or you can’t find the famous X or if you are a prostitute it’s like mid-month and you can’t sell your […]


I called my dad one night we talked about many things as we were ending I told him I will call him back the following day , then he said: “Oh no, don’t call during the day I will be at Felix’s* funeral.” Felix was a young man in his late thirties (that’s young in […]

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